Håkan    Riitta      Wilma


                          I, HÅKAN, born -43, my wife RIITTA, and SANNA, our daughter.

                          My son in law ROBERT, called ROBBAN and their children LUKAS, OLIVER and FANNY.

                          Now just one dog, WILMA. She is a Jack Russell terrier. Sweet, nice but rather poisonous.

                          But not against people !

                          I have worked at the Post Office in Linköping for 41 years.

                          Is now retired and have begun to work with computers. Just a hobby. But fun.

                          The time before retirement, I worked for a long time in   Old Linköping.

                          Very nice with all the tourists who were circulating and asked about everything under

                          the sun.

                          But everything has an end ..................


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